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Afghanistan as Taliban advances towards Kabul The UN Secretary-General called on the Taliban to stop the attack in Afghanistan, where he said the situation was “out of control.” ”

It’s especially scary and tragic to see the news that Afghan girls and women have been severely deprived of their right to win,” Antonio Guterres told reporters at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

 Afghanistan as Taliban advances towards Kabul According to the United Nations, Afghan women and children have made up the majority of refugees in recent months, and nonprofits are struggling to find ways to help refugee women and girls.

Masuda Sultan, director of Women for Afghan Women, Afghanistan’s largest women’s rights group, told CNN on Saturday that it was a “very scary time” for civilians, but the Taliban allowed women to work in some areas. He said he was doing it.

“But it is said that international NGOs can work and women can work,” she said.

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