Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan
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Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan
Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan

Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan after clashes between militants More than 1,000 Afghan soldiers fled to nearby Tajikistan after clashing with Taliban militants, officials said.

According to a statement from the Tajikistan border guard, troops withdrew across the border to “save their lives.”

Violence is on the rise in Afghanistan, with the Taliban launching attacks and occupying more territory in recent weeks.

This increase is consistent with NATO’s end of 20 years of domestic military missions.

The troops retreated over the border to “save their own lives”, according to a statement by Tajikistan’s border guard.

Violence has risen in Afghanistan and the Taliban have been making significant gains, particularly in the north of the country, in recent weeks.

The surge coincides with the end of Nato’s 20-year military mission.

The vast majority of remaining foreign forces in Afghanistan have been withdrawn ahead of a September deadline, and there are concerns that the Afghan military will collapse.

Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan The majority of foreign troops remaining in Afghanistan have withdrawn before the September deadline, and there are concerns that Afghan troops will collapse.

Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan Under an agreement with the Taliban, the United States and its NATO allies withdraw all troops in exchange for extremist commitment to not allow al-Qaeda and other militant groups to operate in areas they control. Agreed to let.

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However, the Taliban did not agree to end the fight with Afghan troops and reportedly currently control about one-third of the country.

Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan For the people of Afghanistan, this is a worrying moment, says Lyse Doucet, BBC’s chief international correspondent. Taliban, accused of various cultural and human rights abuses, upholds Islamic punishments such as public execution of convicted murderers, bans on television, music and movies, and disapproval of girls over the age of 10. There is. ..

Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan
Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan

“They don’t know where their country is heading, they’re not sure about their towns, towns or cities, they’re not sure about their lives or the future of their families,” he said. It was.

Afghanistan: soldiers flee to TajikistanHowever, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani claims that the country’s security forces are capable of completely repelling rebels, but more soldiers are trying to evacuate to Pakistan and Uzbekistan to escape combat. There is also a report that there is.

This is the third time Afghan soldiers have fled to Tajikistan in the last three days, and the fifth in the last 15 days. The total number of soldiers withdrawn to Tajikistan is now about 1,600.

Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan The Tajikistan National Security Commission said in a statement reported by Tajikistan’s state news agency Kovar that the latest group of Afghan troops called for evacuation early Monday morning after fighting militants overnight.

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In Badakhshan and Tajikistan, which border Tajikistan, the Taliban made rapid progress and militants occupied most of the territory. The group also reportedly seized at least one Afghan military checkpoint on the Pakistani border.

Neighboring countries, including Central Asia, are preparing for the potential influx of refugees in the event of intensified fighting.

Afghanistan: soldiers flee to Tajikistan However, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told the BBC that the Taliban are not responsible for the recent surge in violence.

He claimed that many districts fell into the Taliban through mediation after Afghan soldiers refused to fight.

Media caption “The rest of the U.S. military will violate the Doha Agreement”-Taliban
US-led troops expelled the Taliban from Afghan power in 2001. The group contained Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaeda figures associated with the September 11 attack on the United States that caused the invasion. However, it gradually regained enough power to recapture the territory.

The Taliban began direct negotiations with the U.S. in 2018, and President Joe Biden said that Afghanistan would not be a base for foreign jihadists to again plot against the West, as the U.S. military assured it. He said the withdrawal was justified.



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