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Alibaba blasted by state media Shanghai, August August (Reuters)-Alibaba Group Holdings Limited, China’s largest online commerce company, said Monday that it had fired a manager accused of sexual harassment and promised to curb sexual harassment, but state media acted Was accused of not causing. The accused has become public.

On Saturday, a female employee posted an 11-page account on Alibaba’s intranet, her manager and client sexually abused her, and her boss and talent took the issue seriously for five days after her report. He said he didn’t take it.

Alibaba blasted by state media CEO Daniel Chan wrote in an intranet note that the manager of the grocery delivery department, Neighborhood Retail, said employees were drunk and involved in “intimate work” and “dismissed and never returned.” Stated. He said police were investigating the matter.

Reuters couldn’t ask the manager for comment.

Later on Monday, Jinan City police, who allegedly had the incident, said the client’s investigation was underway.

State media and online commentators were very critical of Alibaba because of the delay in handling the case.

An editorial in the Global Times published by the state-owned People’s Daily said, “Alibaba could not provide a satisfactory answer to this inactivity in Ham’s hands.”

Internally, in problem-focused group chats, workers demanded justice and action to prevent sexual harassment. As of Sunday, the group had more than 6,000 members, according to a notification from Alibaba’s workplace messaging app Dintock.

The case sparked internal debate about the company’s culture, said an Alibaba employee who refused to be identified because he was not allowed to speak to the media.

Employees said Alibaba is facing widespread public pressure and needs to “pull the poison out of its bones.” This is a Chinese expression meaning to remove harmful parts for complete preservation.

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