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Barack Obama scales back 60th birthday party over Covid concerns Concerned about national turmoil over Covid-1 cases, Barack Obama is rejecting the Big Bash, which he planned for his 30th birthday, a spokesman said Wednesday.

“Due to the new expansion of the Delta bypass last week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to postpone the event significantly to include only close family and friends,” former presidential spokeswoman Hannah Hankins said in a statement. . ”

“It was Black Camelot”: looking back at Obama’s journey to the top
About 700 people, including Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney, gathered at the former president’s palace on Martha’s Vineyard on an island in Massachusetts this weekend.

Barack Obama scales back 60th birthday  David Acelard, a former senior Obama adviser, told the New York Times that guests were asked if they had been vaccinated and to provide the results of a Covid-1 test near the event.

But in the past two weeks, the White House and local governments have been adjusting the Covid-1 guidance guidelines on masks and demonstrations as the incidence of infection increases in each state.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 52% of the US population did not receive the first dose of the Covid-1 vaccine. Vaccines are very effective against hospitalization and death for all current variants, but people vaccinated with so-called breakthrough infections can transmit the virus. Scientists are still trying to understand the infection rate among vaccinated people and the likelihood that they will spread to other people.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said Tuesday that he was not invited to Obama’s party and that he would decline the invitation anyway. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for people at an event like this,” said Baker, who said he is concerned about older people and sick people who are at risk of serious COVID-1 infection.

Baker said: “For some of us, we don’t fall into those categories, maybe it’s not that important, especially if you’re vaccinated. But even if you vaccinate in that higher-risk population, we should all be very careful.

Barack Obama scales back 60th birthday

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