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Barca fans devastated at messi exit Members of Bar বারa have appealed to French courts and the European Commission to prevent PSG from signing Messi, according to a document seen by Reuters on Monday.

The 34-year-old said goodbye to the club on Sunday. He confirmed that he had spent his entire career discussing possible moves with the Paris Club.

Barca fans devastated at messi exit On Monday, there were no signs of movement around Messi’s house in the mountains of Castelfelders in the wealthy Barcelona district, but fans were waiting for a glimpse of the player.

“I’m devastated,” said Christian Garcia, who wore Messi’s name and a 10-bar বারa shirt on his back.

“It’s very painful to see the player I’m always following. He’s my example and I’m leaving now.”

Messi agreed to a 50% reduction to stay in Barca and sign a new contract, but signed a total of € 1 billion ($ 1.2 billion) due to the Spanish League’s financial management rules and the club’s tsunami. He said he couldn’t get it.

La Liga said last Wednesday that it received a £ 2.7bn personal capital injection from CVC by sharing funds between clubs in exchange for 10% of the league’s earnings.

It was believed that this would allow Barcelona to fulfill Messi’s contract, but Barua opposed it after Real Madrid rejected the offer and said it would take legal action against LaLiga.

Argentine fan Gonzalo Moreno at the bar এবংa said:

Messi said Sunday that PSG had “potential”, but he hasn’t signed a deal yet.

Legal complaint

Fan lawyers said in a legal complaint of Barcelona members, French football authorities did not enforce their own Financial Fairplay (FFP) rules to help PSG become a European football force. Insisted.

Barcelona, ​​like LaLiga’s main rival Real Madrid, is only known as the “Socio” owned by subscription paying members.

According to complaints, FFP rules significantly prohibit top European football clubs from giving player teams an extra portion of their total income. This also violates Messi’s PSG transfer code.

PSG and the French Football League did not immediately respond to the comment request sent by email.

The French newspaper L’Équipe reported on Sunday that Messi would travel to Paris for treatment on Sunday or Monday and sign a contract with a club owned by Qatar Sports Investment.

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, PSG officially sent an offer to Messi on Sunday morning.

Messi definitely didn’t confirm that he would join Parisian, but he added that his plan was to keep playing for as long as possible and he was aiming to win another Champions League trophy. ..

“We are waiting for the legend, the legendary Leo Messi,” said PSG fan Mehmetsen, who has been waiting for a glimpse of the stars at the gates of Paris Saint-Le Bourget Airport since 2 pm.

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