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California Advises Evacuating Wildfire Hotspot at First Sign of Danger California authorities have long advised residents to prun trees, plan evacuation routes, and pack gobags to prepare for a possible wildfire. Currently, the city requires some citizens to do something special when the risk is high. Please leave before a fire breaks out.

Berkeley said this week that people living on wooded hills are advised to move between very dry conditions and the rare times of strong winds, the “extreme fire weather.” City officials prevent the loss of life in the city if the flames spread rapidly over about 10,000 homes and narrow, windy roads, making it difficult for people to leave immediately. I would like to. Last year there were two days when the weather was nice.

California Advises Evacuating Wildfire Hotspot at First Sign of Danger Wildfire expulsion warnings are usually issued when there is a risk of danger. A spokesman for the California Governor’s Emergency Services Department said he was unaware of other municipalities issuing such

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“We are in a new normal state,” Keith May, chief of special operations assistants at the Berkeley Fire Department, said in an interview. “In strong winds, we tell people that if a fire breaks out, we can’t get out on time.”

Anomalous movements occur as several large wildfires in California have already burned and about 16,000 people have been evacuated as of Thursday. The largest of them, Dixie Fire, destroyed the city of Sierra Nevada, north of Greenville, on Wednesday night. California officials were very wary of the season of intense wildfires as heavy droughts surrounded grassy and forested hills and turned much of the state into tinderboxes.

Berkeley officials say 25 people were killed in the Auckland and Berkeley wildfires on January 1, and five were killed in the 2011 campfire. This is the deadliest wildfire in the state’s history. Climate change increases the risk of catastrophic fires, with short-term rains and long-term fires.

Last fall, Berkeley told hilly residents to leave only when the situation reached the city’s fire risk threshold, May said. This year, local hotels are offering “fire weather” discounts to those displaced by November. In nearby Auckland, city officials take a slightly different approach. Evacuate people who need extra time to evacuate and advise them to leave if there is a high risk of fire.

“Our biggest challenge is to limit routes inside and outside the mountain,” said Nick Ruby, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the Auckland Fire Department.

Sarah de Young, an assistant professor at the University of Delaware’s Center for Disaster Research, said warning to residents in the event of a high-speed fire could be chaotic and inadequate. He said other cities could follow Berkeley’s lead as extreme fires became more frequent.

“The people I talked to who evacuated from past fires had the opposite problem. A fire broke out nearby and no warning was given,” said De Jong.

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