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First shots of Moderna vaccine to be suspended On Tuesday, the director general of health services instructed the center to stop taking modern vaccine shots from 12 August.

He called on the authorities to immediately stop administering the first prescribed dose of the modern vaccine and to start administering the second dose from 14 August.

First shots of Moderna vaccine to be suspended The DGHS said in a notice that a second dose of the vaccine would soon be sent to vaccination centers across the country as needed.

Bangladesh has acquired Moderna under the international vaccine supply platform Kovacs. So far, a total of 5.5 million doses have arrived from the United States.

Bangladesh is currently conducting a mass vaccination campaign with modern and synopharm vaccines.
Bangladesh has already received 7 million synoform vaccines from the government over 75 million injections from China, and China is giving another 1.1 million good faith gestures.

Additional 1 of the seopharma vaccine on Tuesday night. Million million doses will come to Bangladesh.

The government has received 100,620 Pfizer doses under CoVAX, co-led by the World Health Organization.

Bangladesh launched a mass vaccination campaign in February using a vaccine invented by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca, which was purchased under an agreement between Oxford University and the Serum Institute of India.

However, after the dramatic deterioration of the epidemic situation in India, the dosage agreement failed, forcing the country to suspend vaccine exports.

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