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HEALTH REMAINS VIGILANT The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department has remained vigilant in assessing the increase in Covid-19 cases and the impact of delta forms in the county. The delta form has been identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an alternative to anxiety and has been shown to increase infectivity.

“Now that we are approaching the two-week period after the July 4th bank holiday weekend, we are seeing the expected increase in cases due to the extensive displacement and mixing,” said county health official Henning Ansarg. . “It is essential that we continue to apply safety guidelines such as staying at home, wearing a mask in indoor public places, avoiding overcrowded events and practicing good hand hygiene if we feel sick. For now, Santa Barbara will follow state guidelines on county masking. .

HEALTH REMAINS VIGILANT Groundbreaking cases, especially those who became infected with the virus after being fully vaccinated, are now occurring with the Delta variant. However, those who are vaccinated do not show symptoms of a more serious illness that requires hospitalization.

“We have a method of preventing serious illness and hospitalization that we know is effective in the form of COVID-19 Delta, and it is in the process of being vaccinated. . If you qualify and haven’t been vaccinated yet, it’s critical to get your first shot as soon as possible, ”said Van Doe-Renso, county public health director.

The COVID-19 vaccines widely available in the United States are very effective and are free to every eligible community member. Those who receive the first dose of the double dose vaccine are advised to take their second dose to get the best protection against delta.

For COVID-19 updates, please visit for information on testing and vaccination sites as well.

Public health worker asks community to continue Prank-19
Dr Henning Ansarg, MD, FACP, Santa Barbara Health Officer County, Department of Public Health

If you and your family are fully immunized, congratulations! You have taken a big step to protect yourself against the serious illness of COVID-19.

The groundbreaking case, which refers to those who were infected with the virus despite having been fully vaccinated, is now occurring with the Delta variant.

Fortunately, people who are vaccinated do not contract more serious illnesses and do not need to be hospitalized. Although virtually everyone hospitalized with COVID is reluctant and most say they regret not being vaccinated and urge family and friends to do so as soon as possible.

What to do to protect yourself?

Whether or not you are vaccinated, don’t let your guard down. Wear a mask if you are at home in a public place. Avoid the crowds and the sick. Remember to wash yourself frequently.

COVID is a preventable disease. The best way to prevent serious illness from the Delta variant is to get vaccinated.

Anyone 12 years of age or older is approved for this vaccine.

Santa Barbara County offers many places to get the vaccine for free. Walk-ins are welcome.


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