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James Gunn has a certain Guardians of the Galaxy character in mind to serve as the new logo for the Cleveland Guardians following the MLB team’s upcoming name change. On Friday, it was announced in a video narrated by Tom Hanks that Cleveland’s baseball team will officially change their name from the Indians to the Guardians after years of controversy. The switch will take effect at the end of the 2021 MLB season.

If the team name is going to change, they’re also going to need a new team logo. Given the Guardians name, James Gunn just couldn’t help but be reminded of his highly-successful Guardians of the Galaxy movie series. In fact, as the director joked on Twitter, he’s going to be disappointed if the MLB team doesn’t enlist Rocket Raccoon as the logo for the team’s new uniforms as the Cleveland Guardians.

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“If their logo isn’t a raccoon with a machine gun I’m gonna be bummed,” Gunn quipped.

Perhaps using Marvel characters for official MLB team logos is outside of the realm of possibility. After all, Rocket is probably not who team officials had in mind when deciding upon the Guardians name. They have also released an early peek at the team’s new artwork that will come along with the name change, and one is of a new logo of the letter ‘G’ with wings attached to a flying baseball. It’s not quite as amazing as a gun-toting raccoon would be, but it’s certainly much less offensive than their old team logo.

Gunn first brought the live-action Rocket Raccoon to life in 2014 with the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Sean Gunn has consistently provided the motion capture for the character with Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket. He went on to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the Avengers movies. He can next be seen in the upcoming sequel Thor: Love and Thunder as it’s been reported that the Guardians of the Galaxy cast appear in the movie.

Later this year, Gunn is getting the gang back together to film the next Guardians sequel as well. We would be getting the sequel much sooner if not for James Gunn’s very public firing from Disney in 2018 based on offensive tweets posted many years prior. Warner Bros. took advantage of the opportunity and enlisted Gunn to develop any comic book movie that he wanted with DC Films, and he settled upon The Suicide Squad. After recently wrapping up the movie’s spinoff series Peacemaker, Gunn is preparing to venture back under the Marvel umbrella for more work with Rocket and pals.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is scheduled to be released on May 5, 2023. A Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special is also scheduled to hit Disney+ in the winter of 2022. After that, it’s hard to say what will happen next with Rocket, as Gunn feels his time with Marvel will likely end after the third Guardians movie. The Suicide Squad, meanwhile, will be released in theaters and on HBO Max on Aug. 6. This news comes to us from James Gunn.

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