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Joey Lawrence engaged to girlfriend Samantha Cope Joe I Lawrence is preparing to say “I Do” for the third time!

In an interview, the actor revealed that he had divorced Candi Lawrence just a year after tying a knot with actress Samantha Cope.

Joey Lawrence engaged to girlfriend Samantha Cope While talking to US Weekly about her upcoming movie, “Swim,” the “Blossom” star revealed that her writing partner was also her fiance.

“Believe it or not, my writing partner and I [sold the script to Toby], I continue to have a relationship with them,” Joey told the publication. “But we sold the original movie, a romantic comedy. We plan to make this later this year.”

The 45-year-old is busy and not yet ready to plan a wedding. “A lot of things are happening. I’ll talk about this soon, but it’s great,” he said. “It’s really great. He’s the best person ever.”

The couple were found on the set of their next lifelong movie, The Deadly Dead, directed by Joey’s brother Andrew Lawrence.

“So we met there, but we didn’t see anywhere. It was clearly a year and a half for everyone in the world,” Joey explained. “Then, when you weren’t expecting the most, something amazing happened and meeting him was really the best ever.”

“Last year, 2020 was really something,” he continued. “And, at least when you expect it, you literally meet the right person for you, and all those unfamiliar things are useful … and you meet the [right] person.”

Joe and Samantha’s romance was enriched during the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic and enjoyed spending time together when they couldn’t go on a “normal” date.

“It was just hanging and stuck in it, the limited space you know, and when you can meet the best people for you in such an environment, it says something.” He told us every week.

Samantha shared a lovely selfie of the couple on Instagram and wrote about Joey’s writing: Life is full of blessings, but there are also some unexpected battles. Thank you for being positive even in difficult times. You are my baby

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