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Kangana Ranaut recently took to her Instagram story to mourn the loss of one of her fans who passed away in the recent Himachal Pradesh landslide. The actress pens called it beyond tragic.
Check out her post here:
kangana ranaut

Dr Deepa Sharma, the said fan, a day before her unfortunate demise had shared a couple of happy photos from the said location. Sharing the same, Kangana wrote, ‘Such a great fan, she sent me lovely letters and showered me with gifts and also visited my house in Manali… Oh!!! Seems like a big jolt…This is beyond tragic…. Oh God!!!’

Among the others who mourned her loss was also filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri. He wrote, ‘OMG. Can’t believe that Deepa is no more. I have been told that she died in a landslide today. Till 8hrs ago she was sending photos from the Himalayas. Such a lively, aware person. Have no words. May God give her family strength. Prayers. (Om Shanti)’
kangana ranaut

The director also retweeted one of her last posts on Twitter where she had shared pictures of herself with Mother Nature and called it “strange” as she had written, “Life is nothing without mother nature”.

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