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Like back in Syria: migrant volunteers clear up flood-hit Germany Aruyler, Germany, July 29 (Reuters)-Syrian volunteers in a few years in Germany to clean and renovate their homes based on the experience of disasters in their hometown to help them. I rushed to the city that was hit by the worst flood. ..

Like back in Syria: migrant volunteers clear up flood-hit Germany Germany, which lost at least one life in the floods earlier this month, opened its borders to more than one million migrants in 2015, many fleeing Syria, war and poverty.

Anas Alakkad, co-sponsor of the German volunteer group Syrian Volunteers, said she remembered his hometown during the flood disaster.

“The only thing we knew about Germany was that it was very organized, very beautiful and very green, and in the disaster area here it felt like we were back in Syria. “He helped Ahrweiler’s West Germany district.

“I felt it couldn’t happen. I had to do something, and it inspired us,” he added.

The group says hundreds of volunteers have fled to the disaster areas of West Germany.

Grants to flood victims at St. Nicholas and Rochas Churches in Mysore, Germany, July 22, 2021.
Moiad Abedervi, a Syrian volunteer living in Ahrweiler, said his apartment was destroyed by the floods.

“We feel the same as our neighbors. We already felt that feeling, and now we have to feel it again,” he said. “But after all, we are here to help, and we are working hand in hand with the Germans to repair everything.”

The locals at Ahrwaila are grateful for their help.

“They are very fast, hardworking and full of ideas on how to reform,” said LK Terparten. “Pretty good.”

Floods have shaken political programs ahead of the September general election, raising unpleasant questions about why Europe’s largest economy is flatfoot.

According to a survey by the INSA Institute for the German Mass-Circulation Paper Build last week, two-thirds of Germans believe federal and regional policymakers should have done more to protect their communities from floods.

Like back in Syria: migrant volunteers clear up flood-hit Germany

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