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Louisiana braces for ‘life-altering’ Hurricane Ida  As Hurricane Ida intensifies and continues to hit the Louisiana coast early Saturday morning, the National Hurricane Center, in its morning warning, predicts the storm will intensify before reaching the Gulf Coast.

At dawn, the storm’s epicenter was approximately 510 miles southeast of New Orleans, with the strongest winds blowing at 0 mph after crossing Cuba’s northwestern border. the hurricane reaches category 4 intensity, moving northwest into the Gulf of Mexico at 16 miles per hour.

Louisiana braces for ‘life-altering’ Hurricane Ida NHC forecasters said Ida could carry winds of 140 miles per hour when it hits the coast.

A hurricane warning is in effect from Intracostal City to the mouth of the Pearl River and a hurricane watch extends to the Mississippi-Alabama border.

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According to the NHC, the storm is expected to intensify rapidly over the next 2 to 2 hours and Ida was predicted as a “very dangerous major hurricane” when it reached the coast by late Sunday or early Monday.

“It will be a life-changing storm for them,” Benjamin Shot, a National Weather Service meteorologist, said during a press conference Friday with Governor John Bell Edwards.

New Orleans city officials said residents need to be prepared for long-term power outages and were asked to consider evacuating older residents. Colin Arnold, the city emergency chief executive, said the city could stay in the air for about 10 hours.

On Friday, Cantrell called for the mandatory removal of residents outside the city tax protection, a relatively small slice of the city’s population.


Heath Jones, head of emergencies at the Army Corps of Engineers, said that as the storm’s progression slows and intensifies, storm surges could protect parts of New Orleans on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Orleans District. However, he said they are designed to overtake and have protection to prevent further damage. He said there was no risk of a storm coming on the banks that protect the eastern shore of the city.

President Joe Biden approved a federal emergency declaration in Louisiana ahead of the storm. White House Press Secretary Jane Saki said FEMA plans to send about 150 medical personnel and about 50 ambulances to the Gulf Coast to service Gulf Hospital.

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