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Manhattan Westchester DAs request evidence District attorneys for Manhattan and Westchester counties on Wednesday asked New York Attorney General Letitia James for evidence of the bombing report in her office.

Westchester District Attorney Mimi Roca, in a letter received by NBC News, told James that she planned to investigate whether Cuomo’s alleged sexual misconduct, which occurred in her jurisdiction, was “criminal.”

Manhattan Westchester DAs request evidence A spokesman for the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., told NBC later Wednesday: “When our office learned yesterday that an investigation into the attorney general’s conduct had been completed, our office contacted the attorney general’s office and began requesting investigative materials in his possession. Events. “

The 155-page report, a five-month investigation and the conclusion of interviews with 19 witnesses, concluded that Cuomo had violated federal and state laws. But that investigation was clearly unrelated to any of the governor’s punishments.

The Attorney General’s Office has completed its investigation, but an impeachment investigation is underway, led by the New York State Council.

Another district attorney, David Soares of Albany County, had already announced that his office would begin its own criminal investigation in Cuomo because of the allegations in the report.

Roca asked James to submit materials related to one of the 11 women who made an official report alleging sexual harassment against Cuomo. Suarez added that his office “would appreciate any victim contacting our office with additional information about Kuomo.”

Manhattan Westchester DAs request evidence

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