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Minister operators question new transport rules We should have consulted the ministry and the Bangladesh Road Transport Department before taking a decision, ”Quader said at a function at the Roads and Highways Bureau on Monday.

“Because it guarantees that half of the car will run on the road and the rest won’t. How is that for sure? I would comment if I was consulted.”

Minister operators question new transport rules Transport owners need to allow all buses carrying passengers to stay within half capacity without using half of the buses used for rotation.

They say it is too complicated to follow the new rules of the public transport system after the coronavirus blockade.

According to leaders of the Transport Owners Association, the rules will hurt the owners financially and hurt the workers.

With Sunday’s notice, the cabinet lifted almost all blockades since Wednesday.

Roads, railways and rivers have been allowed to reopen public transport, allowing passengers to run at full capacity.

However, in each city, corporations and district operators can use only half of the vehicles per day, and the rotation decision must be made in consultation with local governments, law enforcement agencies, relevant ministries, employers and labor associations. The notification said.

Islamic Chief Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul said the new rules would primarily target the long-distance passenger transport services recommended by law enforcement.

Quader pointed out that the road transport sector is not responsible for the implementation of the new rules.

“The district administration and the police are in charge of that. If they can implement the government decision, that’s fine. It’s not under our authority.”

He said the road transport sector could ensure vehicle health and other regulations, with workers and passengers wearing masks to disinfect their hands or following government fares.

However, the minister asked for everyone’s help in complying with the new rules.

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