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PM refuses to have her name on power plant The executive committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) on Tuesday approved the construction of a 100-megawatt power plant in Madarganji, Jamalpur, said Planning Minister MA Mannan.

However, according to the minister, the petition for members of the committee to include Hasina’s name in the “symbolic project” did not listen.

In response to Hasina’s reaction to the proposal to name it “Sheikh Hasina Solar Park,” Mannan said, “The Prime Minister has revealed that he does not want her name on the project. After that, members politely give her the initiative. Reminded me.

PM refuses to have her name on power plant However, Hasina did not give up and insisted on changing her name.

She said, “I told him that her name was approved by the Bangabandhu Trust, but he said he would talk to the trust if necessary.”

The minister said the Awami League has recommended that the main project be named “Solar Power Madarganji.”

The project will be implemented by Palli Bidyut Company Limited by December 2022 at an estimated cost of over Rs 15 billion. It will be financed primarily by loans from India and Rs 3.2 billion will come from government funding.

ECNEC approved 10 projects that cost around Rs on Tuesday. The government will collect 6.6 billion rupees and 11.88 billion rupees for foreign countries for this project.

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