presidential assassination
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presidential assassination

presidential assassination When Haitians woke up last week noticing that their president had been murdered, an unknown man called a local radio station and broadcast a strange monologue during the broadcast.

He said a translator for the group responsible for protecting Haitian President Jovenal Moises, he said – but “something terrible happened” during a meeting at his private residence.
“There were casualties here, but we didn’t do it,” he said.

presidential assassination The Moises murder case has led to a nationwide investigation, backed by both the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Colombian intelligence service. At least two dozen people arrested in the case did not make a statement. However, new audio and video recordings from the day of the CNN murder may give a glimpse of the current mentality of the murder participants.

Route above Kenskoff

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An unknown caller listened to him in person while he was on Radio Mega.
One of Haiti’s largest radio stations, Caribbean Radio and Television, a reporter and his cameraman drove a Route de Kanskoff on a motorcycle to the president’s private residence on a mission to see what they could learn from the murder.
They showed in the picture that the two trucks had a seemingly dangerous roadblock that they easily passed – a significant five-minute start for people who will soon be Haiti’s most wanted people.
At the top of the hill, two Balaclavas men grabbed a gun for a long time and shouted from the ditch. Reporter Malhaiko Senachal did not know. “I met to see men with guns at work as I walked in my city,” he said. “I thought they helped the police in response to the murder.”
Fifteen years after the Port-au-Prince excavations, Senachal’s engagement was suspended and desired. He saw more people scattering a nearby wall in the shade of shrubs and flowers. They looked out of control and a little uneasy, but clearly not hostile or annoying, he told CNN. There were three guns and a clear defensive vest, and a fourth sat, a Haitian Creole talking quickly on his cell phone.
According to Senachal, the speaker described himself as a translator and demanded over the phone that he and his party had tried to issue an arrest warrant to the president.
Meanwhile, Radio Mega listeners listened to this live from an unknown caller:
“This group is not in the president’s own hands; it is the group he came to the country to ensure security. It seems that the same group has been given a presidential arrest warrant.”
The same caller described the order in detail, adding, “Something terrible happened, even though we didn’t expect it to happen. Even though I had just turned to them, the presidential staff fired as we tried to step into the gate to issue the order.”
Standing a few feet away, Senchal called his boss, confirming his heightened suspicions – he probably stood among those involved in the attack on the president’s house.
“When I interviewed the interpreter on Radio Mega, I knew right away that I was in danger, in danger, because these people came and killed the president. If they could kill my president and I was just an ordinary citizen – well, I was afraid of my life, Senchal said.

presidential assassination

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