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Schools reopen with masks optional in many U.S. classrooms This week, Tsusaha Elementary School opened in the new semester, a tearful mother chased the kindergarten, and a bus dropped fifth graders waiting for school control. The biggest sign of a chronic Covid-1 crisis was, but not all, masks worn by students and teachers.

Georgia, like most states, leaves it to local schools to determine if a mask is needed. And Henry County, a million students, decided not to claim them, as in many other districts suffering from months of conflict over masks.

Instead, “highly recommended”.

Schools reopen with masks optional in many U.S. classrooms Many parents in this suburb south of Atlanta had mixed feelings about Wednesday’s policies. Some people objected and left the children at home. Others sent their youth to class with face covers.

The kindergarten mother and fifth grade Chatvia Dorsey said her children would wear masks at school regardless of the rules.

“They aren’t vaccinated because they’re too young. I don’t know if anyone else has it,” she said, to the school system’s ability to maintain personal control in the face of increased infection. Skeptical Dorsey said.

As Delta’s diversity grows rapidly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics have suggested that all schools wear appropriate or highly infected community masks in recent weeks.

Some parents and political leaders had to fight scholars with strict resistance to the mask. Some people see the mask rule as an invasion of parental authority to make decisions about the health of their children.

In California, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington, all students and teachers need masks, regardless of vaccination status. On the other side of the spectrum, Arkansaw, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Utah have banned the need for masks in public schools.

Florida Governor Ron de Santis said Thursday that parents need to decide whether to wear masks at school, “What are the negative effects of spending seven hours on masks for kindergarten children?” Are you studying? ”

The outbreak that hit the school earlier this year added the need for more masks.

In Malkan, Arkansas, more than 800 students and staff have been isolated due to exposure since classes began in the 4,000 student district last week.

Marion coach Glenn Fenter called on lawmakers to abolish state legislation banning masks and warned that a “full-scale crisis” could continue. Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson then expressed his regret for signing the ban first and called for it to be revoked. But the Republican-controlled legislature did it on Friday.

Arkansas judges then banned the ban from being enforced until the state was notified later.

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In another battle over Friday’s issues, the Florida Board of Education pressured schools to discourage masks. The board said it would issue tuition vouchers to allow parents who oppose the need for masks to send their children to private schools. This money is taken from public school funds.

From the outbreak of the epidemic to the peak of infection in January, CDC data show that infection rates are lowest in children under 15 years of age. But now, children over the age of 50 are more prevalent than adults.

Henry County recorded 111 cases of Covid-11 among children aged 5 to 1 in the two weeks leading up to July 2. Its per capita rate is the highest in Georgia, higher than the national figure.

Henry County director Mary Elizabeth Davis said she believes the school has learned how to prevent infections by mentioning how to use cleaning, air filtration and hand sanitizers. The district also offers a $ 1,000 bonus to vaccinate one million employees.

“It is highly recommended that individuals choose masks as an additional layer of resistance, but we know more today than they did a year ago,” Davis said. “And what we know today is that schools are not a catalyst for community expansion.”

At least 28 masks are required in more than 180 school districts in Georgia. This includes over 38% of state public school students.

At Tsusahau Elementary School, more than 60% of students wore masks in four classrooms visited by reporters on Wednesday, but some students took off their masks. Only in one room where the teacher also did not wear a mask, most of the time

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