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Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN) – A missing 4-year-old girl from Winboy, NC, was found safe and sound in Nashville after an amber alert was issued in her name on Wednesday morning.

A Silver Alert was also issued Wednesday for the girl’s father, Elijah McFarland, from North Carolina, suffering from “cognitive impairment,” Metropolitan Police told News2. McFarland said he had identified his daughter Aubrey Lane as taking McFarland to California.

The Silver Alert led officers to a vehicle on Highway 100 that McFarland was probably driving. Metro police alerted police in Bell Mid about the car. Both departments were able to respond.

Missing 4-year-old girl found safe in Tennessee from Brunswick County suburb Amber Alert.
The sergeant said, “It was through a sort of lucky turn that a day-shift subway officer who had just finished his extra work was there and standing behind him.” John Carter Bell with Mid Police. “Another metro officer had just come home and ended up in the area.”

Officers checked the license plate and found that the car was indeed attached to the case and that McFarland was behind the wheel.

Bell Mid police followed the car and started a stop in the corner of Bell Mid Boulavidi and Harding Pike. Police said Abiri was found with Elijah for free.

“It was a textbook stop,” Carter said. “The girl was taken out of the car. He was safe. No injuries or anything. The driver was taken into custody.”

Elijah was taken into custody. He was charged with trespassing and interfering with electronic evidence.

His allegations to Nashville are vague at this point.

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