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Valorant’s next update is set to arrive very soon, and fans can’t wait to find out what Riot Games has to offer. Over the past few months, Valorant has dethroned some of the popular competitive FPS games out there and managed to be the next big thing in the gaming industry.

Riot Games is constantly releasing updates for the game, adding new operators, balance changes, and more. There is a long roadmap in place, so we can expect tons of new things in the days to come.

 VALORANT Account Leveling System: what is it and how does it work?
Episode 3 was released in the game just a few days ago and was one of the biggest updates in the game’s history. In addition to the introduction of the brand new KAY / O character, there have been many other notable changes. These include agent, nerf, and buff, as well as weapon price changes.

Valorant Now, Riot Games is preparing to roll out the 3.01 update for the game, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Valorant Update 3.01 Patch Notes and Release Time (Today, July 7)
Riot Games has announced that the Valorant 3.01 update will be released on July 7th. Regarding the release time, it has been confirmed that the update will be released at the same time as the previous updates. Here are the release timelines based on the previous update.

PST 08:00 AM
EST 11:00 AM
GMT 16:00
IST 21:30
JST 01:00 AM
Here are the full patch notes for the update.


Sages can no longer place Barrier Orbs on some bullets while in the air
Fixed bug where Skye was able to activate Guiding Light’s flash while suppressed
Fixed the ability to heal KAY / O while on the ground in NULL / CMD
Fixed Sova’s Recon Bolt projectile appearing to be deployed for enemies when he was flying through the air
SOCIALFixed a bug where you could abuse text chat colors to impersonate system messages

Valorant Fixed a bug where the Invite Button UI overlapped the Defender Manager UI in Custom Matches

Valorant Fixed bug where names would appear as question marks if you had the “Use generic names for players outside my party” setting enabled

Fixed alignment issues in the Observer view
Fixed account leveling issue where some of you had a lower level than expected
In the event of an impact, you will receive your correct account level and keep the AP earned by playing at the wrong level.
Fixed visual issues affecting account leveling on the end game screen

The next major League of Legends event, Sentinels of the Light, begins on July 8 and introduces the new champion Akshan along with a series of themed skins around the larger storyline of Ruination of Runeterra. And as part of that, Riot is for the first time “teaming up” with itself, having a ton of crossover items in a new Valorant update.

Valorant’s “Ruination” skins are based on League of Legends, and as you can see in the video above by Youtuber Hitscan,

Valorant they have a lot of mystical jewels and fog going on. There’s a Phantom, a Guardian, a Ghost, a Phantom, and most interestingly, a melee weapon that will be familiar to League’s heads: the ruined king’s blade.

This is a broken sword at level 1, but at level 2 the broken blade is restored with crystal light. It takes up a big chunk of the screen, so it’s not for me, but it looks good and don’t worry about the range – level 2 doesn’t extend it and only you see the “ghost” blade part, so not to confuse other players (if you want to see it in action, here’s a timestamped video).

There are also some patch notes for the journey. “Sage can no longer place Barrier Orb on some bullets while in the air”, which I’ve never seen but it sounds crazy, “Fixed bug where Skye was able to trigger the guide light flash while suppressed”, “Fixed the ability to heal KAY / O while on the ground in NULL / CMD “and” Fixed Sova’s Recon Bolt bullet appearing to be deployed for enemies when flying in the air. ”

Valorant patch 3.01 was released on July 7, and while it may not come with all the bells and whistles of the larger patches, it still contains some valuable agent and quality of life updates for players.

Sage, Skye, KAY / O, and Sova are all lined up for bug fixes that may not seem like much at first glance, but they should help gamers who use them frequently.



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