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Windows While In-Game Latest SteamVR  Valve has introduced great features to the latest version of SteamVR. This allows you to float a window from your desktop into virtual space. You can place these windows wherever you like and they will appear as part of the interface during the game.

Windows While In-Game Latest SteamVR  This update is a more flexible way than previous versions that allow users to view a desktop window simply by connecting to an in-game VR controller.

The only downside to this is that you have to lift the controller to look out the window. This can hinder your eyesight when playing some games.

This new feature allows users to float desktop windows anywhere in virtual space and multitask during VR games and applications. These windows only appear when you are using a game or application and can only be connected by pointing at the VR controller. In that respect, the controller can be used as a mouse pointer for interactions such as web browsing or managing content playback through floating windows. This is especially useful if you plan to watch Netflix shows while flying Cessna in Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the meantime, be sure to leave the plane in the air.

The floating window feature seems to be better, but Valve has decided to keep only the Connect to Controller option. Users can also choose their location to unlock connected windows and float in the game.

To enjoy this new feature, please update your SteamVR Beta Client to version 1.19.6. Also note that you can easily enter the beta program by going to the app’s properties window, then to the Beta tab and selecting SteamVR Beta Update. After selecting the option, SteamVR will download and update to the latest beta.

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